Put traffic exchanges to work driving hits

Traffic exchanges can be an important source for your web hits when used well. At Traffic Dossier we collect and review the tools and information you need to put the traffic exchange industry to work for you!

Know your way around traffic exchanges

Traffic Dossier reviews, tips and case studies are perfect for the webmaster looking to get an inside view on what works well. We try out and test different things to show the results and share what we have learned!

We catalogue effective and honest services waiting for you to use them. From manual traffic exchanges to autosurfs Traffic Dossier has the hits delivery machines you've been looking for. We don't overlook supporting services such as banner exchanges!

Shared experiments

With hundreds of traffic exchanges and thousands of offers, it can be challenging to know what to promote where in what way. We guide you by trying different combinations of offers, traffic exchanges and promotion tactics and publishing the results. You can see what we did, how we measured it and the way it worked out. Design your own campaigns to take advantage of our successes and avoid our failures.

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Traffic is waiting. Bring it in.

Look through our catalogues of traffic services to find your tools. Always updated as services come and go.

Manual Exchanges

Explore the world of manual traffic exchanges. Trade views with others, play games, earn commissions by referrals. Almost all are usable for free, but offer benefits for paid upgrades.



Do you like the idea of bringing in hits completely automatically? Embark on the installation of an autosurf viewer, or turn any common browser into a hit generating machine.



Team up to get your offers seen on hundreds of different venues. Show pages of other members on your favorite traffic exchanges and they will show your pages on theirs.